A Wheely Good Week! 

The children loved bringing their bikes and scooters into school this week and were keen to show us how good they were at riding them! 

Well done to all of our certificate winners – you are all stars! 

Outdoor Fun!

Hello everyone – the children have had lots of fun learning outdoors this week in the lovely warm weather.  They have been on a maths trail, enjoyed playing in the courtyards and had a fantastic time building dens in the woodland with their friends. Have a closer look at them enjoying their learning below………

Stick Man

The children have had a fantastic week making stick people and creating dens during our woodland learning! Have a closer look at all of the activities our busy Reception children have been up to this week……..

A Super Sports Day!

It’s been another packed week in Reception with lots of fun things going on!

On Monday the classes were very excited when the eggs that had appeared in out classrooms hatched! The children loved opening them and were surprised to find baby dinosaurs inside! 

We also had a brilliant time doing the dinosaur stomp and making erupting volcanoes!

Sports day was lovely and the children were fantastic in their races – thank you all for coming and making it such an enjoyable afternoon! 

Well done to all of our award winners this week!

A very happy birthday to our four birthday girls! 

Fun on the Farm! 

Hello everyone! We have had a really busy week this week with all sorts of fun activities.  The children loved our trip to the farm and we were really proud of their lovely behaviour. We had a strange happening in the classrooms on Wednesday when we discovered a nest! The children were very excited and can’t wait until the eggs hatch! 


What the Ladybird Heard…

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog.  The children have been reading Julia Donaldson’s What the Ladybird Heard this week. The story is set on a farm and they have enjoyed talking about our trip to Hall Farm Park and thinking about the different animals we will see. We have also been learning the names of baby animals and making farmyard maps.

The children have enjoyed being back at school with their friends and have been busy in the classroom and outdoors in the courtyard, take a look at all of the busy children in Reception….

Well done to all of our fantastic certificate winners! Keep up the good work everyone! 

Summer Fun!

The children have had a great last week of term. The weather has been fantastic and they have loved playing and learning in the sunshine! We hope that the sunny weather continues for the half term and that you all have a lovely holiday! 

Another busy week!

What a busy week we have had in Reception this week! We have had all sorts of exciting activities going on.  The children loved the puppet workshop at the beginning of the week and they had a fantastic time working the puppets and helping to tell a story.

We have also been learning about the artist Henri Rousseau and the children have been creating their own collages based on his work. 

We rounded off the week by making butterfly feeders and finding a good place to put them in the school grounds.

Find out more about our very busy week below…

Well done to this week’s certificate winners – keep up the good work everyone!